Attica fires: Death toll rising, as state aparatus comes under fire for inadequate reaction

Many children among the injured

Greece is still trying to come to grips with the catastrophic results of the deadly forest fires in east Attica, as the death toll of the has risen to 77 (updated to 79), with another 187, many of whom are children. suffering from severe burn injuries in hospital. The macabre search to recover more bodies in the ashes and rubble in east Attica continues. The number of victims is expected to increase as many are still missing, while it is uncertain if they are among the dead as the process of identifying the bodies is difficult due to the fact many bodies are completely charred.

Meanwhile, the Greek government is attempting to manage the aftermath on a public relations level as the state apparatus proved unprepared to deal with the fires that swept across the settlements of east Attica in Rafina, Mati, Neos Voutzas and Kalitechnoupolis, literally burning them to the ground in a matter of one day.