Aussie dumped by fiance throws ring in Santorini waters (video)

The man had organised a $10,000 dream trip to Greece

An electrician who threw a $5000 engagement ring off a cliff after his girlfriend dumped him says he has no regrets about the impulse decision.

Brendan Beasley, from Penrith in Sydney’s western suburbs, secretly organised a trip of a lifetime to Greece, spending more than $10,000 on the holiday and ring combined so that he could propose to his long-term girlfriend in Santorini.

But shortly before the big reveal, she broke up with him.

After three years together, and for no reason at all … she ended up leaving me,’ he told

‘I was gutted because I had actually bought her a ring and booked us a surprise trip to Santorini (to propose) because she always wanted to get engaged there.’


Mr Beasley cut his losses and took the trip anyway.

He kept the ring with him but when he discovered his former girlfriend had got together with another man, he just wanted to be rid of the burden.

He travelled to Santorini on a Contiki tour and, while watching the sun set, hurled the $5000 ring in its box off a cliff and into the Aegean Sea.

The tour guide leader who befriended him, captured the moment for him on video.