Aussie newsreader goes viral after wearing penis-shaped top (photos)

The comments on social media were very funny

It was the eyebrow-raising clothing that caused controversy back in 2015 when newsreader Natarsha Belling wore it during a broadcast.

And the ‘penis jacket’ has resurfaced, this time worn by Channel Nine’s Brisbane anchor Samantha Heathwood on Wednesday.

An eagle-eyed viewer spotted the phallic shape on the 36-year-old’s outfit and took to social media to mock the fashion faux pas.

It quickly gained traction on platforms like Reddit and Facebook with users posting comments and tagging their friends in the hilarious post.

Another crudely pointed out: ‘The golden zipper though’.

Meanwhile Sydney radio station Triple M took to Facebook to share a meme of Samantha next to Ten Eyewitness newsreader Natarsha Belling in 2016, and the caption: ‘Confirmed the penis jacket of 2016 lives on!’

This is not the first time the green jacket, by Australian designer Scanlan Theodore, has ruffled feathers.


The past “victims” of the dress design