Austerity extended – 153 lawmakers vote in favor of Greek budget for 2016

Greek lawmakers extend austerity by voting for the new Greek budget for 2016

Greek lawmakers discussed the austerity-extending 2016 budget in Greek Parliament on Saturday before a roll call vote took place after midnight. As expected, the budget was voted in by Greek Parliament with 153 votes in favor, and 145 against from the 298 ministers who voted.

The coalition government presented the draft budget to meet conditions for an unpopular third international bailout enacted in July. As discussion on the draft budget started, strike action took place around Greece protesting the social security reforms included in the new plan for Greece.

Economic forecasts show near zero growth in 2015 and a worsening of the economy in 2016 as Greece enters its sixth year of austerity. The Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) ruling party and its junior coalition partner, Independent Greeks (ANEL) enjoy a narrow majority in the 300-seat parliament.