Australian dance group performs first all-naked event (photos-video)

Audience will also be naked

Sydney Dance Company has performed an all naked event in front of a nude audience.
As part of the Sydney Festival, the world-first event saw the dance company perform choreography inspired by the Art Gallery of New South Wales’ summer show Nude: Art from the Tate Collection.
With ticket sales selling slowly, extra ‘nude-only’ shows were added to the bill and seats sold out within a day. The show, choreographed by Rafael Bonachela, catered to nudists, or audience members brave enough to bare all. The only rules- no clothes and you had to be over 18.
‘When I created this work I was not going to be shy about it,’ Bonachela told The Guardian.
‘Like, I am bending forward and this is my bumhole. This is how between my legs looks. I didn’t choreograph like, “Let’s hide this.” ‘Clothed audience members will not be admitted. Bookings for this show are open for people aged 18+,’ the AGNSW website reads.
The gallery described the event as a ‘journey into an intimate world of art and dance.’

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