EU Commissioner Avramopoulos eyed as Tsipras’ choice for presidency

Stavros Dimas will not be a second-time candidate if not nominated by the Prime Minister

Following the deal between leftist SYRIZA with rightist ANEL to form a government, a couple of swearing-in ceremonies and announcement of a new Cabinet, speculation turned to who Alexis Tsipras will nominate for president of the republic – an otherwise ceremonial post that only acquires importance when no Parliament majority can elect a new one.

Unconfirmed sources went so far as to cite a pending meeting between Tsipras and former PM Costas Karamanlis, something, however, that close associates of the latter flatly deny.

According to other reports, EU Commissioner and former Athens mayor Dimitris Avramopoulos has already spoken with Tsipras for the top post.

Avramopoulos’ circle apparently confirmed the information, while adding at the Commissioner believes he will be the next President of the Republic, unless Tsipras changes his mind.

If the same reports prove true, Avramopoulos has already informed New Democracy party’s leadership that if he gets a proposal, he will accept.