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Bakari Henederson’s parents speak to Proto Thema (video)

They say attack was racially motivated

The parents of Bakari Henderson, the young American beaten to death in Greece, Jill and Phil spoke to Proto Thema about their ordeal and thank the Greek community and authorities for the support they showed. The 22-year-old died last month on the island of Zakynthos after a mob chased him out of a bar and surrounded him on the street. They say their son was beaten to death because he was American and black. “We sincerely feel the heart of the people and Bakarim sincerely enjoyed traveling and he loved Greece”, said Jill. The parents believe he was a victim of racism and said that the killers could not stand he was speaking to a girl from their company. “We are shocked by the whole incident, and shocked that it happened in such a beautiful country”, Mrs. henderson said. The family’s lawyer, Andreas Patsis said the parents were preparing to travel to Greece whenever the trial date is set by the Greek courts. The parents said they trusted Greek justice and that they wanted to see the killers of their son punished.