BBC reporter slapped after touching woman on breast (video)

Woman was interrupting live interview

A BBC presenter was slapped by a woman after accidentally grabbing her breast in a bizarre interruption on live TV.
Ben Brown had been interviewing Norman Smith, the BBC’s Assistant Political Editor, to get reaction to Labour’s manifesto launch in Bradford today.
But a female member of the public wandered into shot behind the pair and, giving a thumbs up, said: “Absolutely fantastic”.
Smith politely asked her to leave them alone during the live segment on BBC News just after 2pm, saying: “Yes just give us one second, alright?”
But Brown took matters into his own hands, pushing the woman in sunglasses away by the breast.
She retreated, but not before landing a slap on Brown’s shoulder, smiling as she walked away.


 video courtesy of Jason Farrington/channel4news twitter feed