Beauty on Duty: Russian police bombshells share personal life stories (video)

The ladies eagerly shared their stories, explaining how exactly they made a decision to join the male-dominated police squads

Among the ranks of Russia’s police, women account for almost 30 percent of the overall employees. A few stunningly beautiful policewomen who stand on guard for Muscovites and visitors’ safety on a daily basis as part of the squads responsible for tourist security as well as horseback patrolling have shared their personal stories.

Oksana, Julia, and Daria are three beautiful ladies out of hundreds of others who are part of the Russian police: two of them are in charge of security at Moscow’s most touristy places, while the latter works in the mounted patrol police. Daria is, incidentally, also a big Instagram star who boasts a vast 50,000-strong fan base on the social network.

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