Beirut Explosion: Two Greeks injured, information for one fatality

Foreign Minister’s instructions to Greek citizens in Lebanon

Two Greeks are among the thousands injured in yesterday’s blast in Beirut that shocked the world.

In the last hour, however, there are unconfirmed information that there is one dead person, presumably a woman, from the Greek community. This information has also reached the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but due to the situation in the Lebanese capital, it is not yet possible to confirm it.

According to the reports, the two injured are being treated in a hospital in the area, without further details being known about their state of health, as chaos still prevails in the city streets, with the perimeter of the explosion exceeding 15 kilometers.

Foreign Minister’s instructions to Greek citizens in Lebanon

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued instructions for the Greek citizens who are in Lebanon and have been affected by the explosions in the port of Beirut.

Greek citizens can contact the Embassy of Greece at 00961 78990315 and 00961 81507061, as well as the Crisis Management Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at +30210368 1730 and at e-mail:

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