Belgian arrested for reportedly spying on a military airbase in Volos

A preliminary investigation is underway

A Belgian national appeared before the Public Prosecutor’s Office after being arrested for trespassing a military airforce restricted zone in the city of Volos.

The man, 31, was arrested on Monday by a patrol unit when he violated the outer perimeter of the fence at the Pliasidi Surveillance unit in Pelion last Friday, as local site e-thalia reported.

A preliminary investigation has been launched to determine the exact circumstances of the incident.
Police filed a case of domestic espionage and disturbance of the peace against the Belgian, who was released until a trial date is set in the event the preliminary hearing concludes he should face charges.

In the course of the investigation, it will be examined whether the young hiker photographed the military compound.
According to reliable sources, no camera was reportedly found in his backpack.

During his deposition to the Public Prosecutor, the suspect claimed he entered into the airforce base accidentally after losing his way while trying to hike from west Pelion towards the east.

Only a few months ago earlier another Belgian was arrested in the same area after he was found photographing the base and was prosecuted for spying as a misdemeanor.

He had been banned from leaving the country until his trial, resulting in the intervention of the Belgian Embassy which requested the withdrawal of the aforementioned provision, a demand eventually met after three months.