Bomb explosion at the Athens Court of Appeals! (Upd.)

No injuries from the explosion

UPDATE: According to new information, the people who placed the bomb and were seen by the guard, also fired at him with a gun.


A big explosion shook Athens at 3:25′. The explosion took place outside the Athens Court of Appeals on Lukareos Street, very close to the Athens Police HQ building.

On 02:50 an unknown individual made a phone call to the offices of a news website, warning them of an explosive device and gave a 40-minute margin. The bomb, however, exploded 35 minutes later.

The police immediately mobilized and secured the area, while the Bomb Squad was at the Court of Appeals from the very first moment.

The explosion was quite big, waking up people at a great distance around the Court of Appeals. An eyewitness said that seconds later smoke was visible from a long distance.

According to the first information, the explosive mechanism was placed in a bag. The guard saw two people leave the bag on the steps of the Court of Appeal.

The explosion caused serious material damage at the entrance of the building.