Bombshell revelation! Female g-spot is a myth, doctors say!

Guys can finally relax not feel guilty for missing the spot…

Guys can finally be excused for failing to find their partner’s G-spot after doctors proved it does not exist.
Sexperts have previously claimed women can experience mind-blowing orgasms by stimulating a sweet spot inside their vagina.
The 2cm x 1.5cm area is named after German gynaecologist Ernst Gräfenberg, who first proposed its existence in 1950.
He noted it was particularly sensitive to touch.
But researchers from Austin Hospital, in Melbourne, Australia, say the most conclusive study to date has failed to find any “anatomical structure”.
They examined the bodies of 13 women aged 32 to 97 and found nothing but the vaginal wall lining and the pee tube in the “G-spot” zone.
Study leader Dr Nathan Hoag said it is likely the “pleasurable sensation” felt by stimulating the area is because it is so close to the clitoris.
He added: “The essential finding from these dissections is that the G-spot in its form originally observed by Gräfenberg, and subsequently popularised, does not exist as an anatomic construct.” Scientists only named the sensitive area the “G-spot” in 1981.