Bond-girl Tonia Sotiropoulou reveals she was sexually harassed at 18 – Greek #MeToo

The Greek actress said no-one has to feel bad about speaking up

Greek actress and Bond girl, Tonia Sotiropoulou, shared her own unpleasant experience of sexual harassment in the newspaper “Ta Nea”, as revelations of sexual abuse by athletes continue to come to light, after Olympic medalist in sailing Sofia Bekatorou talked about her experience last week.

Amid Greece’s own #MeToo revelations, Tonia said: “Unfortunately, as a woman, I have also been sexually harassed. At work, on the street, in my daily life. The first time it happened to me, my initial thought was whether I had made a mistake and given the wrong impression. Unfortunately, this is always the thought and it is wrong. You do not need to be given a right when someone has already decided that he can treat you in a certain way and that you will not do anything about it”, writes the famous actress.

She revealed what happened at the beginning of her career, during filming, in her first TV job. “I had a shoot one day and there was an actor who we played in some scenes together. I was 18 then and he was 54. When the shooting was over I went to my dressing room, I changed, I went to get my bag and he came in and went to kiss me. The first thing I thought was what a disgusting and scary thing he is doing, that he just entered my space and came at me”, Tonia Sotiropoulou stated on the ERT2 show “Plus woman”.

When the actress reacted and refused to yield, the man who attacked her continued to push her. He insinuated that most girls her age, if they want to move ahead with their career in acting, first have to sleep with the directors, well-known actors, and producers in order to receive the necessary support in the field.

“The problem of sexism and sexual harassment starts with the deep-rooted belief that a portion of men have, that women are inferior beings so some of us belong to them indiscriminately. It is tragic and extremely disappointing that in 2021 we are fighting for rights of equality and respect that should be given by everyone!”, she said.