Bones found in Poland reveal Neanderthal child eaten by gigantic Prehistoric bird!

Researchers realized the bones were so porous because they’d passed through the digestive system of an enormous bird


A few years ago, a team of researchers in Poland came across a pair of Neanderthal bones that held a grisly secret: Their owner had been eaten by a giant bird.

The two finger bones belonged to a Neanderthal child who had died roughly 115,000 years before, making those bones the oldest known human remains from Poland, according to Science In Poland.

Once the bones were analyzed, the scientists concluded that the hand bones were porous because they had passed through the digestive system of a large bird.

It is unclear if the bird killed the child and then ate him or if the animal simply scavenged on the child’s already-dead body, but researchers say that “neither option can be ruled out at this point.”

No matter what happened, these bones are a remarkable discovery. The researchers said that this is the first known example from the Ice Age of bones passing through a bird’s digestive system.

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