Boy swallows toy and starts “honking”! (video)

Boy swallowed a toy horn

This is what happens when you swallow a toy horn – you stop talking and start squeaking instead.
Hilarious footage shows a boy of no more than 10 years old squeaking after swallowing part of the children’s toy horn by accident.
The clip was uploaded by Santiago Gomez Zuviria last week in Tucumán, north west Argentina.
In a matter of days the clip has gone viral, with nine million views worldwide.
The caption, posted on Mr Zuviria’s Facebook, reads: ‘Taken in Tucumán. Moral of the story: be careful with what you let your children play with.’
Pictures posted with the story show the youngster with a woman, presumably his mother, looking worried in hospital.
But another reveals the tiny contraption that is making him honk like a horn after he had it surgically removed by doctors.
Those commenting on Facebook could not contain their laughter, posting hundreds of comments.
But it appears Mr Zuviria was not happy with some of the less compassionate responses.
He posted a status on his Facebook a few days later saying: ‘I want to ask your help.
A few days ago I shared a video of a little boy who had an accident with a toy horn.
My only intention was to make friends aware of the risk that small children are exposed to when playing with toys.
‘To date, the video has almost nine million views, a number that continues to rise.
‘Unfortunately there are those who have used the video maliciously, so I’m asking all my friends and contacts to report these posts, extracted from the video in question, that seek to ridicule the situation the little guy went through.
‘Let us make this online community a healthy and respectful place for all.
‘Thank you very much.’
The schoolboy is believed to have made a full recovery, but it is not known how long he was squeaking for.