Brazil is miles ahead in promoting tourism: Meet Minister’s semi-naked wife, 2013 ‘Miss Bumbum!’ (‘sizzling’ photos+video)

Other Tourism ministries should take note…

Promoting your country’s tourism industry involves a great deal of planning and marketing strategies on the part of either private businesses or the state that stands to gain from increased revenue flowing into the country. There is no doubt Brazil has many beautiful things to offer a tourist. But what better way to promote the south American country than simply showing off the Tourist Minister Alex Texeira’s hot wife. This curvaceous brunette bombshell could boost Brazil’s tourism simply by standing next to her husband in his official visits. Milena Santos, was the winner of Brazil’s national booty contest ‘Miss Bumbum’ in 2013, and as the photos reveal it was no surprise….She is not shy of flaunting her voluptuous figure, with her greatest ‘asset’, of course, featuring prominently. Her near bare naked photos in front of the Brazilian Senate went viral across the internet. Maybe a new way of promoting tourism is on the rise….