Brazilian teen sells off virginity to help her mom! (photo)

She has a list of rules bidders should abide by

A Brazilian teenager claims she has put her virginity up for auction and wants to raise £745,000 in a bid to buy her mother a new house.
Rosalie Pinho, 19, from Minas Gerais, says she has already received a bid of £438,000 for 12 hours alone with her – but is hoping that will rise before the auction comes to an end in May.
The young woman says her family’s financial situation has prompted her to make the controversial offer, and admits that she has already received negative comments from strangers online over her decision.
But despite the backlash, Rosalie, speaking to the Mirror Online from her home in Brazil, refuses to change her mind.
“I’m doing this for my family,” she said.
“There are seven of us; my mum, my two brothers, three sisters and me.
“After my father left us 10 years ago, things got very difficult.
“Only my older brother works, he gets about £145 a month and he can hardly pay the bills.
“We survive off a single meal a day, usually rice with something small to bulk it out.”
For many teenagers, losing their virginity can be a huge emotional – and physical step – but Rosalie says she isn’t anxious about her decision.
Incredibly, she says the adrenaline rush from the prospect of the auction is “invigorating”.
“I cannot think of a better way to lose my virginity, almost every girl I know would rather change the night of her first time for such a sum of money,” she added.
She set the initial value of her virginity at €300,000 (£263,000). But while she’s already received a bid of €500,000 (£438,000), Rosalie is hoping to secure a total of €850,000 (£745,000).
Selling sex is not illegal in Brazil, but it is illegal to employ sex workers and to operate brothels under Brazilian law.
Rosalie also has certain ‘rules’ in place for the man who decides to by her virginity, and is insisting that the buyer will have to take an STD test before anything happens.
But she admits she won’t really have any idea about their sexual health, or if the results have been faked.
She said: “There is no way to know if they [lied about their] results, so I also included the use of a condom [in the rules].”

Rosalie’s list of rules
1. All trading must be done in absolute secrecy.
2. Documents of my virginity will be provided to the winner by my local health system authorities.
3. The buyer has also the further possibility to check me up again with a doctor he trusts.
4. The winner has to provide documentation of his good health from venereal diseases
5. The buyer must use a condom
6. A copy of the ID card is required before the placement of a bid, as from any other agency that offers this kind of service. It is granted your data will be handled discreetly by me, exclusively for the bid, they will not be shared in any way and/or collected.
7. The winner will have to come to Brazil to meet me for legal reasons so the winner will have to inform me of the dates he will be available for the meeting.
8. The winner will spend twelve hours with me at the hotel where he is staying (including dinner for us to meet).
9. It is strictly not allowed the use of any kind of violence, this includes any kind of activity that may affect the physical or moral integrity of mine, any kind of drugs and/or any kind of sexual toys and the winner must be sober at the time of the sexual act.
10. It isn’t allowed the company of another person, except the winner, during the sexual act.