Two Greek pilots, 8 French, killed in terrible crash during NATO training exercise

21 injuries, of which seven are in the ICU, in critical condition

The terrible accident during the NATO exercise in Albacete, Spain, when the Greek F-16 crashed on the runway, killing its two operators and eight French airmen, wounding 21 French and Italian military personnel, has caused worldwide shock and awe.


The two-seater F-16 BLock 50, one of four Greek fighter jets in Los Llanos, Albacete, Spain was taking part in the 2015 Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP). It was 14:40 GMT, 26th of January.


During takeoff, the hardest part of the flight, the F-16 veered to the right and crashed on the runway.


The two Greek pilots who lost their lives, Panagiotis Laskaris, 35, married with one son, and 31 year-old Athanassios Zagas, 31, married with a son and a daughter, were killed when the F-16 crashed to the ground.


The 21 wounded are comprised of 11 French and 10 Italians. Seven of them are in the ICU.


The F-16 was fully fueled and its engines were roaring. The toxic black smoke hid behind it five more fighter jets and several helicopters which were also destroyed from the terrible collision. One can only imagine the scene of carnage when the jet rolled in flames towards crewed aircraft ready to partake in the exercise.






photo apo rt gia f-16

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