Breathtaking footage of ferry docking in impossible conditions (video)

The video was shot in 2013

“The wind and the waves are always on the side of the ablest navigator”, 18th Centucty British Historian Edmund Gibbon, once said. The saying could not be more true about captain Isidoros Lignos.

A breathtaking video of March 2013 shows the captain’s passenger ferry approaching the Kimolos dock in the Aegean Sea, as the seas are raging with waves crashing onto the land.

Any other sailor would have not dared dock as the ship was being battered by the violent seas. But not captain Lignos, who performed a skillful approach and managed to complete the whole operation of disembarking – boarding of passengers and cars in only 10 minutes.

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The incredible footage is a testament to the “ablest of sailors” as it reveals the adverse and dangerous conditions under which the ship is forced to sail and dock. Many sea vessels in the Aegean have to contend with the unprotected and unsuitable ports of the Cyclades.