Britain: The alleged ghost of a child with scary black eyes causes delirium!

After three decades the girl with the black eyes makes a comeback in Staffordshire

Is it possible for a child to terrorize an entire community? The answer is “yes”, especially if this child is “missing” for the past 30 years and is considered to be a…ghost.
After three decades the girl with the black eyes makes a comeback Cannock Chase, Staffordshire and spreads panic to residents.
According to “Birmingham Mail” newspaper, a woman with her daughter saw the ghost of the young girl, while they were walking in the area of Birches Valley. They then heard screaming and the two women started running towards the screams.

The woman describes that she had to stop from running since she was out of breath. “When i turned around i saw a girl. She looked around 10 and she had her hands covering her eyes. She stood there as she was waiting on a surprise or a birthday cake. I asked her if she was alright and if it was her screaming before. She took her hands off her face and opened her eyes. Then I realized that her eyes were pitch black. It seemed so strange. I quickly got hold of my daughter and when I looked back again she had disappeared”.

The ghost’s reappearance has caused delirium in Britain and at the same time has attracted the interest of ghost hunters from many parts of the world.

Without losing any time, the Brits started ghost hunting for the girl with the black eyes under the guidance of  paranormal activity investigator, Lee Brickley.
Since the incident, when it gets dark, he walks in the streets of Cannock Chase with his purpose-built machinery, looking for any evidence of paranormal activity.
There are two scenarios regarding the child with the black scary eyes: According to the “Mirror” newspaper the first theory associates the girl with Celtic mythology and says that she comes from a tribe that were prone to making bloody sacrifices and the second one which involves a … “mass delusion.”