British Ambassador praises Odysseus’ island

John Kittmer visited Ithaca and was left stunned by its natural beauty

John Kittmer, British Ambassador to Greece praises the holidays he spent in the majestic Ionian island of Ithaca through his sheer philhellenic disposition.

The Ambassador posted amazing photos of the island, the places he visited for swimming and eating, on his Twitter account. They featured unique and wonderful picturesque scenery, while he hoped that this summer brings many a visitor to Greece.

The ambassador stated that he is “unhappy” that his holiday on Odysseus’ island is over and posted a picture with the blue Ionian Sea. In another “tweet”, the British diplomat mentioned the amazing local food he tasted in “Calypso” restaurant, in Kioni, right next to the sea.

According to John Kittmer, the key elements to spend a beautiful summer in Ithaca is not much. Blue sea with clear waters, a beach, a beach umbrella and a few boats that give him the feeling that summer is here and that it is beautiful.

The picturesque harbor of Kioni, with its beautiful, tranquil waters, boats, small houses with red roofs and old green olive trees in the background literally charmed Mr. Kittmer who was not sparing in the beautiful words he used to describe the uniqueness of the Greek landscape and Ithaca.


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