Brutal! Watch slapping Champ get KO’d! (video)

Male Slapping Championships is big in Russia

Male Slapping Championships — courtesy of Russia (of course) — is back in the news after its previously undefeated champion, Vasily Kamotskiy, suffered the first loss of his career by way of violent, bloody knockout.

Rookie Vyacheslav Zezulya is now king of the beards.

Kamotskiy doubled over after taking one flush from Zezulya and had to be carried from the stage as handlers helped wiped blood from his face. Folks, I would take a full-blown cage fight over this lunacy any day of the week.

Russia is known for its bizarre (and sometimes unsettling) combat sports. One such sport is Team Fighting Championship (TFC), which is essentially a controlled gang rumble on what looks to be a converted tennis court.