Cape Tenaro, the mythical gates of the underworld (photos)

The cape was named after the mythical hero and son of Zeus, Taenarus

Cape Tenaro, otherwise known as Cape Matapan is the southernmost point of mainland Greece.

This unique place is situated at the end of Mani, in the Peloponnese and it separates the Messenian Gulf in the west from the Laconian Gulf in the east.

The name Tenaro derives from the mythical hero and son of Zeus, Taenarus, who was believed to have built a city named after himself near the tip of the peninsula.

Follow the path which begins from the Byzantine chapel of Agioi Asomatoi, built on the remains of Poseidon Sanctuary and Death Oracle to reach the Cave of Hades.

According to the Greek mythology, this place was a gate to Hades, through which Hercules descended to the Underworld to kidnap Cerberus, a monstrous three-headed dog, and bring it to Earth for his twelfth labor.


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