Celine Dion promotes gender neutrality & new world order in bizarre fashion line video (video)

The strange video promotes new world order

Celine Dion has launched a new ‘gender neutral’ fashion line for babies and children called Celinununu, and the first advert has created a stir with its bizarre messaging.
In the commercial, Dion furtively enters a hospital maternity ward where she encounters a room full of children dressed according to their sex – blue for boys, pink for girls.
“Celinununu liberates children from the traditional roles of boy/girl, and enables younger people to grow on values of equality with the freedom to strengthen their own power of personality based on mutual respect,” the company website states.
One of the babies in the advert is shown wearing a shirt reading “NEW ORDER” – a detail that has prompted some to wonder if Dion is promoting a ‘New World Order,’ including media outlet Vox.
The pop singer recently announced her partnership with nununu, an Israeli clothing brand for kids, and their collaborative formation of Celinununu.
“The new label that never labels,” Dion tweeted. “Free children to choose who they are.”

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