Central Council of Modern Monuments green lights Elliniko mixed-use project

After KAS it the second decision that paves the way for the large project to move forward

A day after the unanimous decision by the Central Archaeological Council (KAS), which paved the way for the lifting of restrictions in the mixed-use development of the former Athens airport at Elliniko, a second obstacle was overcome, as the Central Council of Modern Monuments (CSNM) decided on Thursday that architectural and environmental impact studies for projects on any intervention in the designated newer monuments and their protected areas will be submitted to the relevant departments of the Ministry of Culture which is responsible for the issue of the four buildings in the Hellenic Metropolitan Park.

The creation of a parking lot within the protection zone of the “SAARINER” building was accepted. The problem was solved as the space is underground and does not run counter to the area outside the municipality’s jurisdiction.

The Greek Minister for Culture, Lina Mendoni said after the ruling that “Greece could now enter firmly and dynamically on a path of growth, returning to normalcy”.