Chaikalis’ finances to be checked after his statement of a 5,000 euro stock trade attempt

He stated he gave George Apostolopoulos the money

MP of ANEL (Independent Greeks party), and “person of the week”, Pavlos Chaikalis will find himself before the Parliamentary Committee, for inaccurate tax statements. The MP stated that he gave 5,000 euros to George Apostolopoulos in order for the latter to use it for shares in the stock market.

As it became known, the President of the Commission of Tax Statements, George Kalaitzis, has requested the exact wording of the MP’s declaration, in order to convene a meeting of the Commission.

It should be noted that MPs are prohibited from executing stock trades, and if such an action is discovered, the Article for an inaccurate tax statement will come into effect, which is punishable by imprisonment of at least two years and a fine of 10,000 to 500,000 euros.