Cheated wife sends letter of her husband’s affair to his mistress’s neighbours (letter)

Do not mess with a cheated wife….

Publicly shaming a cheating wife or husband never ends well. So 22-year-old Georgia was surprised when she opened her mail recently and discovered a very detailed account of a husband’s affair with his “mistress.”
It seems like a woman whose husband was cheating on her finally discovered his deceit when she checked his phone and found multiple phone calls, emails and text messages from a mistress. Furious, the wife got in touch with the mistress, who was all too happy to admit to the affair, even “boasting” about it and revealing that she had a husband of her own.
As revenge, the wife wrote a very detailed note exposing the affair and mailed copies to all of the mistress’s neighbors — one of whom happens to be Georgia. Names and person information are redacted, for obvious reasons.
‘I was so shocked when I received it,’ Georgia told
‘Then I went outside to see which house it was supposed to go to I saw a few of the other neighbours standing outside too’.
‘I believe the whole street had received the letter in order for us to pass it on to the husband rather than her posting it through their door in case the wife got her hands on it’.
‘At the same time, it humiliates her to her neighbours too’.
Georgia currently has no idea whether the husband of the mistress received the letter.
‘I believe he still doesn’t know,’ Georgia said.

Georgia added that she’s just moved into the house, so it definitely seems like a warm welcome. Hopefully the husband finds out.