Check out some of the worst and best Kiki Challenges (video)

One guy got rammed by a car

One of the latest fads to hit the internet is called the “Kiki challenge”. The Do The Shiggy dance or Kiki Challenge was inspired by Drake’s latest single In My Feelings, from the new album Scorpion.
Thousands of social media users, including celebrities such as Will Smith, have been posting footage of themselves doing silly dances to the tune of the hit song.
The Greek celebrity scene could not be left and after Katerina Stikoudi did, it was the turn of beautiful Cristina Bompa to give test her dance moves.

But police now fear it has now gone too far for comfort. Check pout some of the best and worst (pretty dangerous, actually) dances. One of the dancers was so absorbed by the challenge that he failed to notice a vehicle from the opposite direction resulting in the car ramming into him.