Chef throws hot oil at customers (video)

Incident occurred in India over bill

An Indian man was left with serious burns after a street-food chef threw hot oil over him during a fight about paying the bill.
Vicky Mhaske had dined at a Chinese food stall in Thane, Maharashtra, and complained about the quality of the food when it was time to pay up.
Mr Mhaske called in his brother as back-up and CCTV shows how one of them started throwing things at the staff, to which the chef responded by throwing oil at them.
The fight started after Mr Mhaske asked for the bill and refused to pay the full amount, as he said the food had been disgusting.
After exchanging words with the staff, he called his brother Deepak for help which saw the argument escalate even further.
Security footage shows how one of the male guests are throwing things at one of the chefs who cowers in fear.
The chef then reaches for a plastic jug and throws hot oil after the men to chase them off.