Chilling photos reveal horrific final moments 26 victims lived through in Mati fires! (videos-photos)

The site where the most dead were found in the Attica fires

A tavern called “Argyri” in Mati was the place where one of the most tragic chapters of the eastern Attica fires played out. There, twenty-six people met a tragic end as they tried to flee the rapidly advancing flames.

The chilling photos of the aftermath show where the people tried to run to save themselves. Mothers and fathers with their children in their arms, scrambled in desperation to find a safe refuge. They tried to leave in their cars, but it was too late, as the flames were fast approaching.

They then decided to run for the sea, a move which, in retrospect proved a fatal error. Taking a road that led from the field near the tavern to the sea, they arrived at the cliff edge overlooking the beach. There they were unable to locate a hidden footpath that led to the seashore.

At that point, they were already surrounded by flames on all sides and perished with their children in their embrace.

Personal items like gloves, recovered by the rescue workers bear testament to the horror that unfolded in those final moments.