China plans to build quantum communication network in space

In two years

China aims to build a global quantum community network until 2030, according to “Xinhua” news agency, based on the statements of a top Chinese scientist.

The quantum scientist states that the launch of the “Quantum Science Chinese Satellite”  is scheduled for two years from now, with China conquering the title of the first country, wordwide, with quantum communication capabilities in space.

“The ability to send secure message from one point on the planet to the next is understandably extremely attractive to governments. This is possible, at least theoretically, for small distances, due to quantum cryptography. Said distances can go up to 100 km”, stated the Chinese scientist. “For this reason, China wants to be the first to send up a satellite who will receive quantum messages from all countries and will then forward them to recipients to various points across the world”.

After the successful launch of the satellite, the next step will be the first experiment of quantum science in space. China’s ultimate goal is to set up a network of quantum communication from Beijing to Vienna, which will come online in 2030.