Chios: Agios Charalambos church was vandalized (shocking photos)

It’s the third church in the area that is vandalized by strangers in less than 10 days

The residents of the village Chalkeos, in the Greek island of Chios, saw a shocking picture this morning, when they opened the church on Sunday morning. The altar of Aghios Charalambous Church had been burned by strangers.

Speaking to reporters, the president of Chalkeos village Vasilis Vigas commented that this was the third attack to churches.

According to the president’s statement, someone broke the church’s window and threw in firewood and towels, setting fire to the altar.
The inhabitants of the village of Chalkios, who are currently facing enormous problems from the presence of thousands of refugees and illegal immigrants, are outraged.
It is worth noting that in the village of Chalkios there is a refugees and illegal immigrants hot spot where their total number exceeds its capacity.