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Chios among top diving sites in Europe (photos)

According to Scubatravel site

Chios is among the 10 best diving sites in Europe, according to online special site ‘Scubatravel.co.uk’. The list also includes Cyprus.

Europe boasts some world class dive sites, with great visibility and masses of underwater life. According to our readers, these are the ten best dive sites in Europe.

Blockship Tabarka, Scapa Flow, Scotland

This shallow 18 m dive is a real beauty. One of the block ships scuttled to prevent submarine attack during WW2. Covered in life, worth the trip and the one of surprises of Scapa.

The Zenobia, Cyprus

The wreck of a huge ferry. Lying on its port side, the wreck starts at about 15 m and descends to 42 m. Needs several dives to see anything like all of it.

Cirkewwa, Malta

Features the wreck of the Rozi MV as well as stunning underwater topography. Visibility is very good and there is a mass of sea life: barracuda, morays, octopus, cuttlefish and even dolphins.

Silfra, Thingvellir, Iceland

An extraordinary dive in a narrow crack between the American and the European continental shelves, in astonishingly clear water. The clarity of the water gives the diver the feeling of flying above the bottom and on sunny days, when there are slight waves on the surface, the light breaks into a rainbow of colours.

Blue Hole, Gozo

A beautiful sharp drop off into the blue hole with what seems like limitless visibility and feels like you are on the very edge of the world.

Eddystone Reef, England

12 miles off Plymouth, England. The reef is from 8 to 60 m. Encrusted with jewel anemones and with the remains of ancient wrecks, including a large 17th century anchor. Stunning.

Chios island, Greece

Small undersea caves and paths between impressive rocks, colourful reefs and vertical walls.

Diamond Rocks, Kilkee, Ireland

Claimed to be on a par with the famous Yongala. It is a cold water dive off Ireland’s west coast. The bay is fairly sheltered and is teaming with life. The terrain is full of rocks and gullies and the water is really clear.

Fortunal, Vis Island, Croatia

Wreck of a fishing boat which sunk in 1991. Lies at 45 – 55 m

Fanore, Ireland

Shore dive in crystal clear Atlantic water with abundant fish. You might even see Dusty the Dolphin.