Chocolate snows on Swiss town following glitch at local Lindt factory

A ventilation problem in the section of the factory that creates “cocoa nibs” combined with strong morning winds made for the perfect storm

Residents of a small town in northern Switzerland were delighted and confused when it began snowing chocolatey bits of cocoa powder last week. Despite this surreal event, no actual magic was involved as the occasion was simply the result of a malfunctioning ventilation system at the local Lindt chocolate factory nearby.

According to The Guardian, the Lindt & Sprüngli company confirmed that one of their factories in the northern town of Olten experienced a minor defect in the cooling ventilation in an area of the factory where “cocoa nibs” were roasted, resulting in a blast of delicate powder onto the unsuspecting town.

Olten residents were met with a delicious storm early Friday morning following a series of strong winds, which left the area directly around the factory in a fine dusting of chocolate powder.

Of course, those residents who experienced the snow fall were thoroughly surprised. One nearby car was even coated entirely in a fine chocolate dust. The company immediately offered to pay for any necessary cleanup efforts.

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