Christian teen claims she was raped and forcibly converted to Islam

The incident happened in Pakistan

A teenage Christian girl claims she was raped, forcibly converted to Islam and then married off to a 45-year-old Muslim divorcee in the Pakistani port city of Karachi.
Neha Pervaiz, 15, a resident of Ittehad Town, told about her ordeal.
“I was taken by my aunt, a Muslim convert, to her house on April 28 to help her look after her sick son. But there I was asked to marry a Muslim man named Imran. When I refused, they beat me up and threatened to kill my minor brother who was with me,” Neha said.
“Later I was taken to a room where I was raped by Imran. They then pressurized me to convert to Islam and marry Imran.
“On April 29, I was taken to an Islamic cleric, who asked me to recite Quranic verses and gave me a new name, Fatima.”
She was forced to marry Imran in a court on April 30, she said.
On May 5, Neha managed to escape with the help of Imran’s daughter.
Jamila Masih, mother of Neha, said her daughter returned home barefoot and was very scared.