RSS Mediterranean Cooking

  • Prune and prosciutto bruschettas
    Make our simple prune and prosciutto bruschettas as a classic starter. Ideal for a small gathering with friends! It's easy, fresh and full of flavour...
  • Bloody Mary orzo with mussels
    If you love Bloody Marys, put together the sharp tastes of vodka, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce to complement the fresh mussels and orzo, turning a weeknight meal into a culinary delight.
  • Yogurt pancakes
    Calling all pancake fans! Ditch the boxed mix and prepare your own quick and healthy recipe for fluffy pancakes with Greek yogurt! They're gluten free and full in protein: Win and win!
  • Chicken burgers patties with tomato sauce
    Check out this juicy chicken burger recipe! It's simple, easy and healthy, perfect for the whole family! Enclose your patties in burger buns for a more hearty meal...
  • Aubergine and prune stew
    You just can't beat a tasty casserole recipe! There's something more comforting than diving into a hearty aubergine and prune casserole in tomato sauce for lunch or dinner. You will love it!