RSS Mediterranean Cooking

  • Goji berry chocolate porridge
    A chocolaty goodness, an amazing comforting breakfast dish that the whole family will love! No added sugar, full of protein and chocolate!
  • Sardine ceviche
    Enjoy this recipe on toast or crackers or as a bruschetta. It is both healthy and yummy!
  • Zucchini hummus
    Zucchini replaces chickpeas here, so this recipe is lower in carbohydrates and a nice choice for those with intolerance to legumes. Zucchini is very hydrating so you will need to add only a few drops of olive oil, making it lower in calories!
  • Hazelnut praline paste
    A pretty easy recipe! Use a food processor to process the mixture into a smooth paste, that you can spread on toasted bread or use in cakes, cookies or your favorite recipes.
  • Beef ragu pasta
    A budget cut of beef, your seasonal pantry ingredients and this recipe will definitely become hands down one of your all time favorite pastas ever!