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CNN: 4 out of 5 Americans saw Trump’s speech as ‘Positive’

His speech was especially successful


President Donald Trump’s first address to Congress received largely positive reviews. According to a CNN/ORC poll of speech-watchers, 57% said they had a very positive reaction to the speech.

Nearly 7-in-10 who watched said the President’s proposed policies would move the country in the right direction. Two-thirds said the President has the right priorities for the country.

More specifically, Trump scored the highest marks for his proposed policies on the economy, with 72% saying those went in the right direction. Around 70%, said the same about his terrorism proposals while on taxes 64% agreed, on immigration 62% and on health care 61%.

Ideologically, about two-thirds saw Trump’s speech as about right, roughly on-quarter said it was too conservative, while just 8% said it wasn’t conservative enough.