Comedian reveals why she was a sex a worker! (photos)

She felt bad about her weight

A sex worker-turned-comedian says she took up the x-rated job after she was discriminated against for her size.
Miranda Kane also says she got into sex work because she didn’t want to work in a call centre all her life and realised there was a “dating scene for bigger women”.

“Whenever we see sex workers in the media they are either vulnerable victims of abuse or untouchable high-class escorts,” said the 36-year-old.
“It’s not like that. You never see a sex worker out with her friends, having a drink in a Wetherspoons.”
Ms Kane said part of her motivation for becoming a sex worker was feeling discriminated against in the workplace for her body size, reports Cambridge News.

She said: “One day I discovered on the internet that there was a dating scene around bigger women so I thought: ‘Why am I wasting my time when I could be paid a lot more money for less work?'”
But seven years ago Ms Kane, from London left the industry but said she wanted to change the public’s perception of the job.
“For me it’s just about how we need to humanise sex workers and see it as a normal job that people do,” she said.
“Some women are doing it because they need to survive and some because they enjoy it. I did it because I didn’t want to work in a call centre for the rest of my life,” she said.

Ms Kane is performing her show ‘Coin-operated Girl’ for the Cambridge Festival of Ideas, an annual event organised by Cambridge University to promote public interest in the arts, humanities and social sciences.
“I saw it as a chance to talk more openly to people because there’s a Q&A at the end where people can ask anything.
“I’m keen to do as much as I can because to me it’s a way of helping sex workers.”

Ms Kane’s routine includes tales of some of the “weird characters and strange requests” she encountered.
“My clients were a wide range of ages from a variety of backgrounds, and some had the kind of kinks where you just thought ‘How on earth did you discover you liked that?’” she said.
“I once had a client who liked to pop balloons.
“He liked putting them between us, and hugging until they burst.”