Commissioner Avramopoulos warns of rising “forces of populism” at 12th ND Convention

The Commissioner said pro-European forces are clashing with nationalist forces in upcoming elections

The upcoming European elections are pivotal in European history, Dimitris Avramopoulos, European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship during his address at New Democracy’s (ND) 12th Convention in Athens. In his speech, the Commissioner warned that the pro-European forces were clashing with those of populism, nationalism and Euro-skepticism.

Mr Avramopoulos also referred to the forces that have drifted into populism and the need to create a social Europe. He made reference to the Greek crisis and the dramatic moments experienced by the country, but also himself, especially when the Grexit issue was raised twice, which, if it had moved forward, would have had devastating consequences for the country and its citizens

“Friends, we have already begun the battle for the next European elections. Historic elections in the for Europe, where the forces that believe in it [Europe] face off against those of populism, Euro-skepticism and nationalism. And our responsibilities are great”, he said.