Conor McGregor has wild night as pals bring back 10 hot women to his hotel! (SEXY PHOTOS)

The Irish UFC champ had not left his hotel following the furore over his cosy evening with pop star Rita Ora

Conor McGregor enjoyed another wild party last night – as pals led 10 women back into his hotel.

The star hadn’t left his hotel since a furore over his evening with Rita Ora.


The UFC warrior had spent the past two days partying inside his suite at London’s Berkeley Hotel.

He emerged at 1am with five friends.

They went to Cirque le Soir nightclub where they partied until 4am.


They returned to Conor’s hotel and were seen accompanied by ten women.

A photographer told The Sun: “I asked Conor if he got in trouble for the Rita Ora photos.


“He said, ‘Do you want a punch on the nose’.”

The snapper added: “Conor’s pals led the women back into the hotel.

“When they saw us taking photos they got aggressive.”


Inside the exclusive Mayfair club it emerged that McGregor and pals were seen partying with scantily clad women.

During the night the UFC star gave Rita Ora a shout out as he took the mic with his pals.

Conor, from Dublin, took time out from dancing with the twerking women to call out “what’s up Rita Ora” and “what’s up London”.


Earlier this week Conor, 29, attended the Fashion Awards in London, and posed for a number of cosy selfies with pop star Rita Ora.

But the Hot Right Now singer faced fury online for tagging a picture of the sportsman in a social media post with the words “date night”.


They claimed she was disrespecting Conor’s partner of nine years, Dee Devlin, who had the couple’s first child earlier this year.