Conor McGregor punches old man in a pub (video)

The incident occurred in a pub in Dublin

Video has surfaced of an April incident in which UFC fighter Conor McGregor appears to punch a man in a bar in Dublin.

In the video, published Thursday by TMZ Sports, McGregor is shown pouring drinks at The Marble Arch Bar on the afternoon of April 6. The video cuts to a few minutes later, when McGregor pumps his fist in the air before throwing a jab at a man seated at the bar.

McGregor is shown being escorted out of the video frame. The man remained in his chair.

Asked about the incident, police spokesperson Kyle Stewart told ESPN that investigations are ongoing and that no arrests have been made. Ireland’s police service, the Gardai, does not comment on named individuals.

In April, the Irish Mirror reported that the punch was preceded by a verbal exchange. The video posted by TMZ, which is believed to be of the same incident, did not include sound.

The incident is yet another over the past year-plus involving the former UFC champion.

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