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Conspiracy theories about the most “bizarre” deaths in the history of rock

Speculations and scripts that have seen the light of publicity for the murder of John Lennon, the drowning of Brian Jones and the mysterious death of Jimi Hendrix

The shocking discovery of Marianne Faithfull, that a former lover of hers and drug dealer by the name of Jean De Breteuil was the one who gave the fatal dose to Jim Morrison that killed him, has thrown “light” in the mysterious death of the frontman of the Doors, forty-three years later. The Telegraph writes that “It’s an acceptable explanation”, for the circumstances of the death of Jim Morrison, who was found dead at the age of 27 in the bathtub of his apartment in Paris on the 3rs of July in 1971.

Back then, an autopsy was never conducted, since the doctor who examined his body said he found no evidence of a crime. The absence of an autopsy gave an excuse to many scenarios about the cause of his death. One of the most “convincing” is that of a French journalist and former close friend of the rock star, Sam Bernett, who claims that Jim Morrison left his last breath from heroin overdose in the toilet of the nightclub Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus in Paris and was moved while dead from two dealer’s to his apartment, where he was officially found dead. The journalist in an interview in 2007 to the Daily Mail he had said that he had seen Morrison entering the night club in Paris at 1.00 and that he bought the fatal dose of two drug dealers who worked for Breteuil ( the drug dealer that Marianne Faithfull remembered).
He also claimed that he saw the dead rocker, having blood running from his mouth, and that he was the one who called the doctor which later announced him dead and whose name he refused to mention. At that time, the two dealers who worked for Jean De
Breteuil appeared and claimed that Morrison had just fainted. According to Bernett then the dealers took Morrison to take him home, and that was the last time he ever saw his friend …

Brian Jones

The guitarist of Rolling Stones Brian Jones, was found dead in a pool of his home in Sussex on the 2nd of July in 1969. The official version of the authorities for his death is that the 27 year old Jones drowned under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The evening that he drowned were at his house, his girlfriend Anna Wohlin, the 26 year old nurse Janet Lawson, who knew Jones from her lover and manager Tom Keylock and the 43 year old builder Frank Thorogood.

Shortly before her death of cancer, Lawson, the woman who found him dead in the swimming pool, granted in 2008 an interview to Daily Mail. Although at the beggining she had stated that the time of his death she had already returned at her house, she revealed to the journalist that not only she was at Jones house but she knew of his killer.
Lawson claimed that the 43 year old Frank Thorogood choked Brian Jones. “Frank did not do the work of building well and Brian had fired him that day … There was something in the air. Frank behaved weird … “she said. According to her version, at some point Jones while in the pool had asked her to bring him the inhaler for his asthma. “I was looking around the house and Frank followed me after a while. His hands were shaking. I went to the pool to see what happened. Then I saw Brian on the bottom of the pool … I think Frank did it. He jumped into the pool and by the time i went outside, Brian was on the bottom of the pool. There was not a ripple on the water, “stated Lawson.
John Lennon

8 of December 1980: John Lennon signs an autograph on the top of his album «Double Fantasy» to Mark Chapman, the man who traveled from Honolulu to New York with only one purpose: to kill him.
Shortly after, outside the building Dakota, Chapman shots five times John Lennon. According to the autopsy, half bullets penetrated the left side of his body at chest level, while remaining close to the injured left shoulder. All caused internal bleeding, while the deadly bullet pierced the aorta.

For some, the scenario of the mentally deranged killer doesn’t seem particularly convincing. For many, behind the assassination of the “legendary beetle” is hiding his quarrel with the Nixon government.
According to the documentary of David Leaf and John Scheinfeld «The US vs John Lennon», especially during the years of 1966-76 John Lennon with his partner Yoko Ono were targeted overtly from the status quo of U.S.
Lennon had become a persistent activist against war and violence, testing the tolerance of the American government. The case of the murder of Lennon, was a case that the CIA in cooperation with the American authorities wanted close.
Kurt Cobain

The frontman of Nirvana Kurt Cobain decided on the 5th of April in 1994 to end his life, leaving behind his wife Courtney Love and his two year old daughter Francis Bean.
Three days later the electrician Gary Smith had found the singers lifeless body at his home on Lake Washington Cobain while he went in order to install a security system.

A gun was pointed to the singers chin and on his side was found a suicide note. From the forensic examination it was revealed that in body a high concentration of heroin and tranquilizers Valium was found. At times they have been speculations that Cobain’s death was a murder. A detective hired by his wife, Tom Grand, had hinted that she was ultimately behind the singer’s death and that she had paid people to kill him.

Last April, the Seattle police released a note found in the wallet of Kurt Cobain which wrote: “You, Kurt Cobain, accept Courtney Michelle Love, as your lawfully wedded wife, even when she’s a bitch and sucks all your money for drugs. ”
Jimi Hendrix

Another artist who entered the macabre club of “27”. At the age of 27 the legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix died under unspecified conditions. He was found dead in a hotel suite of Samarkand in Notting Hill, where he slept with the 23-year old western German Monika Dannemann. The last evening of his life, the guitarist took 9 pills of Vesperax.

The girl woke up at 10:20 pm and noticed vomit on his face. Despite of her desperate attempts to wake him, she did not succeed. She then called for an ambulance and shortly after he was announced dead. Jimi Hendrix died of asphyxiation, while his lungs and stomach were full of red wine. In his blood, however, was detected quantity of alcohol. Some talk about suicide, others argue that aspiration happened in his sleep while some talk about suicide. or even that someone may have threw all this wine into his throat to suffocate.

In the book released «Rock Roadie» in 2009, James Wright, claims that Hendrix’s manager Michael Jeffery, confessed of killing the legendary guitarist: “I was in London the night of Jimi’s death and together with some friends we stopped by his hotel room. We got a handful of pills and we put them in his mouth and then emptied a few bottles of wine, ” seem to have confessed Jeffery to the author. As for the incentive? According to the Daily Mail he had signed a contract for Hendrix’s life worth of 2 million dollars.

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