Conspiracy theorists have a bizarre new theory about the moon

There we go again…


Remember all those Planet X and Nibiru stories? The mythical planet was supposed to destroy the entire world this year.

Conspiracy theorists were convinced that it was going to obliterate us all in September, October and November, but it obviously didn’t come to pass.

There are plenty of reasons as to why this didn’t happen, the big one is that it doesn’t exist.

Even Nasa had to point this out – but alas, some people are convinced there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

According to Nibiru conspiracy theorist Matt Rogers, world leaders are covering up the existence of the planet in order to avoid sending the population into a state of hysteria.

Furthermore, he alleges that governments are spraying chemicals into the sky to hide Nibiru. They’re also using the moon and the sun to hide its existence.

In a recent video, Matt claims that both the sun and the moon are “reflector simulators” designed to shield Nibiru from our gaze.

The Express quotes him as saying:

Looking up we should see the Moon, not that beam of light.

I do believe they are using another reflector up there – it does look very strange.

That is not the Moon.

I have seen the Moon on webcam images and even with binoculars, the Moon does not cause this blue sky around it.

People state they can’t see the stars at night, it is being lit up.

It is absolutely without a shadow of a doubt that is not the Moon – it is too bright, too white.

It appears that these Nibiru conspiracies aren’t going to go away anytime soon, so try to keep your diary free just in case the apocalypse comes calling.