Coronavirus measures: Tax payment suspended, 800€ per employee, layoffs are prohibited

This 2 billion Euros package of measures could be repeated every subsequent month if necessary

The Greek government announced the new set of measures that aim to the support of the economy.

These include:

The suspension of payments of taxes horizontally in specific codes of activity which are severely affected by the spread of coronavirus.

Inclusion in the reduced VAT of 6% from 24% of the self-protection products such as masks, antiseptics etc.

Compensation of 800 Euros in April to employees their contracts are suspended.

Payment of March tax liabilities for self-employed and sole proprietors operating in sectors experiencing a drastic reduction due to the coronavirus outbreak is suspended for four months.

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For businesses that are compulsorily interrupting their activities, they are expected to pay 60% of their rent for the two months of March-April. The same applies to workers for whom their contracts are suspended and in the case of first-home residence. For the owners of the above real estates the payment of liabilities is suspended for 4 months.

The 2020 Real Estate Tax (ENFIA) will calculated with the current prices as the new pricing will to take effect from the next year.

The Independent Authority of Public Income (AADE) will refund all penalties to EUR 30.000. From February 25 to March 23, €218 million Euros has been reimbursed.

As Finance Minister Christos Staikouras explained earlier speaking to MEGA Channel, these 2 billion Euros package of measures could be repeated every subsequent month if necessary and will be supplemented by other measures of a total of 1.8 billion Euros through actions fro EU funds.