Cost for the new railway line Thessaloniki-Kavala-Xanthi at 1.25bn euros

The cost for this new line covers the construction of about 215 km of a new electrified line, divided into 2 sections


One of the major infrastructure projects of the future in the country will be the new, single-track railway line Thessaloniki-Kavala-Xanthi. This line will be running -for the most part- by the cost, along Egnatia Motorway, aiming to reduce time distance considerably.

As it is already known, it is part of the so-called Sea2Sea project, envisaging the connection of the ports of Thessaloniki, Kavala and Alexandroupolis with those of Burgas, Varna and Ruse in Bulgaria. The Greek part will be also section of the so-called Railway Egnatia.

The cost for this new line is estimated at approximately 1bn euros, concerning the construction about 215 km of a new electrified line, divided into 2 sections.

The first one will be starting from Thessaloniki reaching up to Nea Karvali. It will have a length of 180 km and for its construction major technical projects will be required. Its initial cost is estimated at 1bn euros. The studies are carried out by OSE.

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