Couple’s dream honeymoon turns to nightmare on Santorini

Personal belongings stolen on wedding night

A couple’s £40,000 Greek island wedding was turned into a nightmare when an overnight bag containing the groom’s passport was stolen from their £600-a-night villa.
Steve and Olga Kershaw had married on Santorini in a dream wedding they had been planning for nine months, after a week of making final preparations on the island.
But it was ‘destroyed’ when they got back to the cliff-side villa to find Mr Kershaw’s overnight bag, containing his phone and his passport, had been stolen.
Mr Kershaw was then forced to spend the majority of the rest of their time on the island dealing with the ‘awful’ police and arranging a temporary passport.
On their wedding night, they had to leave the villa and go to the hotel where their friends and family were staying, and slept in a room with twin beds.
Olga, 30, said: ‘It just destroyed us. We thought it was going to be be a dream day that would complete our fairytale romance but it turned into a nightmare.
Mr Kershaw, from Wareham, Dorset, filed a report with the local police the next day but claims they would not give him a translator to read it before he signed.
He then returned to the hotel and asked one of the staff to read it for him, at which point he discovered the report said that that the couple had lost the bag, he claims.
They had been staying at the same hotel as family and friends until the wedding on September 24, and left after the reception at around midnight.
However, the couple, who are now enjoying a weekend away in Munich, where Mr Kershaw is working, are now moving on from the nightmare and enjoying their life together.
Olga, who works in banking in Moscow, said: ‘We both worked as a team when it happened because that is what we have always done.
‘I had never thought about getting married and family life until I met Steven, when everything completely changed, so I am lucky.
‘We are positive people and on any night other than our wedding night, it would have been fine. But although the experience was awful, it was also very good until then.’

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