COVID-19 Cases per Million Inhabitants: A Comparison (infographic)

Switzerland has the most

Although the situation is fluid, the countries worst hit by the COVID-19 pandemic are by now well known. In Asia, China and Iran have so far recorded the most cases. In Europe, Italy is at the centre of the outbreak, and of course the United States in North America. How does this look though when accounting for population size?

Using Johns Hopkins University and World Bank figures, this infographic takes the ten most-affected countries in terms of total cases and calculates the rate per one million inhabitants. Using this measure, Switzerland has the most severe rate with 1,387 cases – now higher than Italy. The United States, the country with the most cases, still has a relatively low figure in comparison, 263.

source statista

Infographic: COVID-19 Cases per Million Inhabitants: A Comparison | Statista

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