Covid-19 Vaccine Doses Secured By Governments (infographic)

High-income countries have secured 3.49 billion doses

Duke University has been aggregating and analyzing publicly available data on vaccine procurement and manufacturing to gain a picture of Covid-19 vaccine procurements by country. The findings have highlighted an unequal struggle between countries to secure as many doses as possible with the total number already reserved standing at 9.8 billion by November 20. Of that amount, high-income countries have secured 3.49 billion doses, middle-income nations have obtained or reserved 828.8 million and lower-middle-income nations will have access to 1.75 billion.

Duke University researchers were unable to find any direct deals made by low-income countries, suggesting they will likely have to rely on vaccine supplies from the COVAX alliance. So which countries have moved fastest to stock up on vaccines? The data shows that India has secured 1.6 billion doses while the U.S. government has made deals for 1.01 billion. The EU also managed to secure 1.43 billion doses up to November 20.

source statista

Infographic: Covid-19 Vaccine Doses Secured By Governments | Statista

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