Covid-19: Which airlines start flights to and from Athens

Every schedule is subject to EU common protocol

With the summer season approaching, the Greek government is in talks with countries for bilateral transportation agreements, as the details of the common EU travel protocol still remain unclear.

Air line companies are in the process of preparing summer itineraries, which, of course, cannot be finalised – as they are dependent on the Commission’s guidelines in the EU which have yet to be set.

Currently, the international inbound and outbound flights connecting Greece’s largest airport, the El. Venizelos and abroad include: Aegean to Brussels, Swiss Air to Zurich and Geneva, Qatar Airways to Doha, while the domestic network is largely operating with reduced numbers.

According to the Ministry of Transport, the numbers of the domestic flights will pick up from next week, on Monday, May 18.

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Greece in bilateral talks with countries for opening of inbound foreign flights

Lufthansa Group announced last Friday that it would serve 60 destinations in Europe in June, including Crete, and will start flights from Frankfurt to Athens in May, after a two-month absence from Germany to our country.

Meanwhile, the US Embassy in Greece informed Americans who want to travel to / from Greece that there were currently no direct flights between Athens and US states.

The Embassy, however, has released the latest airline information to its citizens and the companies that announced flights are as follows: American will have no Philadelphia-Athens flight for the summer season, while the Chicago-Athens route may be available in early June. Emirates will continue its flights from Newark to Athens on July 1, while United will not have any flights from New York to Athens for the season. Air France, which is scheduled to fly from Athens to Paris on May 23, might offer a connection to JFK Airport and other US destinations the next day.

The low cost Ryanair, which is virtually non-existent at this stage, with over 99% of flights cancelled, also has a total waiting period for the summer schedule across Europe, until May 21st. Until then, the company’s very limited flight schedule applies to very few destinations to / from the United Kingdom and Ireland, and will be revised if decisions are taken by European governments. For Greece, however, the company has already “opened” the booking program, but from the autumn of September 1st onwards. Specifically, the connections have been opened in most destinations from / to Athens, Kalamata, Kefalonia, Corfu, Crete (Heraklion and Chania), Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes and Thessaloniki.

Furthermore, Wizz Air also announced that it intends to include our country in its schedule from July.